“Sandy’s readings have been very, very accurate. She told me things that I didn’t think would
happen and they did” A. Gates, Attorney At Law

“With each reading and chart Sandy is sharing her special gift from God with the world.
Her guidance and revelations have supported and enlightened me through the years”
Leila A. Marriage & Family Therapist

“Sandy is always warm and understanding. She has helped me with many business situations,
helping me to increase my sales and further my career. She has also been very accurate and
helpful with my love relationships. D. Cole, Vice Pres. Of Sales

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. “Sandy is the only psychic that has been able to gain truthful and accurate details in my readings. Her visions are astonishing. This lady has never visited England yet she described exactly landmarks on the road that I lived in that she would have found impossible to know. She is very honest and not afraid to tell me things that perhaps would not please me. Her vast experience has helped me to gain clarity as well as peace. ” Psychic Victoria England.

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